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MicroLife Nutritionals: Product and Science Overview


VASAYO™ Is Unlike Anything You’ve Seen In The Industry! People are coming out of retirement to be part of this NEW Health and Nutrition Company VASAYO!!! Dallin and Karree Larsen have founded two incredible Billion Dollar companies including Monavie. NOW, Dallin and Karree Larsen are going to pre-launch what they call their final legacy.

The definition for Vasayo:

V – Vision
A – Action
S – Steadiness
A – Assures
Y – Your
O – Outcome

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The emails and the social media hype about VASAYO are coming true. If you want something that will make your health better and life made longer, Vasayo has the products called MICROLIFE, completely different in the nutritional world, developed by a team of PHD researches (husband & wife) that are now the lead medical directors in Vasayo! The business CEO is Mr. Dallin Larsen (former CEO of Mona Vie) billion dollars business man and a great leader in the direct marketing business worldwide.

Want to stay in your area and still get a “good part time or full time job” without relocating? Vasayo is the best opportunity out there! Build your own independent business group with Vasayo. Lock up your spot and become part of the new generation of health and wellness products. The Vasayo enrollment fee is only $49.95.  This will give you a few marketing pieces, full year of the Vasayo phone app. Enrollment processing, product videos, all at the palm of your hands with the phone app. Most companies charge for this monthly! "Success is not given out. It’s earned"--Jack Powell

VASAYO Is the Perfect Business for Our Military Veterans CLICK to watch presentation

6 Ways to make your decision:

  1. Transitioning out of the military: Very easy to start with Vasayo; have your business operating in under an hour.
  2.  National Franchise vs. Direct Marketing Company: You have full control over your Vasayo business.
  3. Startup costs: Franchise fee $4,000- to $3,000,000.00: Vasayo has a cost of only $49.95
  4.  Work a few feet from your family: No more deployments or relocating your family.
  5. Residual income: Vasayo’s monthly residual plan is the best in our business.
  6. Natural products that everyone wants: Vasayo products are the next generation of healthy nutritional products.
Finally.... A Home Based Business That Makes Sense! Check us out: